Amelia Southersby cannot escape her reputation as “the Stuffed Pigeon”, a nickname given to her after her disastrous debut. Two Seasons later, her lone suitor is a decrepit earl who plans to make her his next brood mare. Her only escape is to have a scoundrel ruin her so that no man will want to marry her.

American Benjamin Cooper is shocked when the prim Miss Southersby approaches him with her proposal. Although he tries to discourage Amelia from resorting to such drastic measures, he finds his resolve crumbling one stolen kiss at a time. Each lesson in seduction ends with him craving her in his bed, and the risk of emotional entanglement grows stronger as they delve beyond the labels society has bestowed upon them. Will one night be enough? Or will the one woman who wishes to avoid marriage have a scoundrel racing for the altar?

Tentatively titled, Lessons from a Scoundrel, this novel is currently a work in progress.


FIRST PLACE,  COFW’s 2010 Ignite the Flame Contest, Erotic Category

FIRST PLACE, Ozarks Romance Authors 2010 Weta Nichols Writing Contest

SECOND PLACE, SVRWA’s 2010 Gotcha! Contest, Historical Category

SECOND PLACE, FRW’s 2010 Golden Palm Contest, Historical Category

THIRD PLACE, RWASD’s 2010 Spring Into Romance Contest, Historical Category

FINALIST, Windy City RWA’s 2010 Four Seasons Contest, Historical Category

FINALIST, HTH’s 2011 Romance Through the Ages Contest, Erotic Category

FINALIST, Passionate Ink’s 2011 Stroke of Midnight Contest, Historical Category

FINALIST, Passionate Ink’s 2010 Stroke of Midnight Contest, Historical Category

WINNER, Amanda Forester’s First Line Contest

SEMI-FINALIST, Jennifer Haymore’s New Beginning’s Contest